The Energy of Love


“Walk the Turtle” 5/6/2019


To observe the simplicity of a calm silence surrounding our moments within the present, is to understand our being to be alive and aware as we absorb each emotion we have experienced during our fascinations in time.

Unclear is our destination during our process of rejuvenation and transformation; the transparencies of our lives unfolding requires our spirits to embrace the gifts hidden inside the souls of those righteous to the conscious.

The voices and guidance heard in multiple levels and depths of the heart are connected within the intuitions of each neuron being conceived inside the birth center of life.

Set in motion is our purpose and as we are given abilities and gifts to excel in all visions and achievements, through companionship and relationships, we have bonds that allow an uplifting restoration beyond grief and sorrow.

Walk the Turtle in faith while we feel the changes to our flesh and mind, acknowledge your wisdom and insight by lessons learned and the everlasting powerful energy of love.

I miss you, Britt.