The Fabric of Dreams


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael Aloia 05-16-2021

Woven fabrics of dreams live in depths of emotions that may spin out of control during moments of loneliness felt within our world of realities as we hold onto hope in pursuit of peace.

Feelings begin to intertwine with our thoughts and may create conflict of the sound mind. As chaos enters our subconscious we may tend to transmit negative vibrations and cause destruction to the spirit and soul, illusions of untruth may begin to resonate in the process.

Snapping back into the reality of understanding is part of realizing the foolishness we have done. A positive wave of simplicity will dissolve all complications created.

Walk the turtle as we awaken to the compassion, affection, love, and truth knowing we are never alone as we hold each other close and gaze into one another’s eyes with admiration and comfort during the time we live.

Inspired by my love Justine 💘 ✝

Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash