The Family of Funk Kicks off the Soul Party

A Night to Remember

Vernan Hicks and Stowe Village Entertainment produced an unforgettable show recently at the Universal Bar and Grill. Jessica Saavedra hosted and directed the show, using her comedic talents to keep the audience entertained and laughing until it was time to start the music.

The Universal Bar and Grille was the perfect setting for this unique venue in LA, known for its good music, delicious food, and convenient location. It added an extra layer of fun to the evening as the friendly staff made sure the patrons enjoyed an array of wines, beer, and spirits, creating an ambiance of a pub friendly environment.

What really kicked off an unforgettable evening was the anticipation of hearing the incredible show-stopping sounds of “The Family of Funk.” While the patrons began to fill the bar, seats, and standing room only, talented musicians. Jason Maye and Isaac Guiden appeared on stage, bringing their pop and R&B flavor with spine-tingling compositions. Guitarist Maleek Deering and pianist James Morgan showcased their mastery of their respective instruments with unique approaches. Adding to the night’s musical lineup was the popular local rock band Anita Squeeze, performing as a trio playing to an enthusiastic crowd.

The evening’s headliner, “The Family of Funk,” stepped onto the stage with rousing applause as many fans took out their cell phones to capture the incomparable sound of Frank Greenfield, Mia Dunn, Sheree Dunn, and Waymon Starks. The group members can boast of their experiences within the recording industry in the genres of Pop, R&B, Funk, and HipHop as writers and record producers, achieving gold and platinum records, Grammy nominations, and Golden Globe Awards. Members of the group have also toured with top entertainment acts. In addition, they create and perform radio-friendly songs about unity and love, blending those styles with a modern edge. Kori Lewis on drums, Joseph Love on bass guitar, and Walter Thompson on the keyboard are rounding out the group.

“The Family of Funk” is beyond just a group of fantastic performers. They are an international composition of artists who bring their multi-cultural backgrounds to the forefront of every performance. The band members exude a stage presence that can’t be ignored. And what a sense of style! Fresh off the success of their hit song “EITM feat: LISO,” which has enjoyed months of radio play and broke into the top 100 charts on adult radio, the band has been approached for several tours in Europe, Hawaii, and across the US into next year.

Upon interviewing the members, their short and long-term plans are based on a strong business sense. They continue to write new material, produce other artists and are very involved in the fashion world. “The Family of Funk” brought together an array of talents, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. If you ever get the chance to see “The Family of Funk” live, don’t miss out—you’re in for a treat!

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Photo Credits “The Family Of Funk”