The Flame That Grows Inside


Inside each of us lives a flame that grows for a love of life. It illuminates the darkness that surrounds our emotions and thoughts and keeps the flow of dreams and desires. It also gives us hope and compassion to our grace through faith.

This flame also fills our hearts with warmth during our moments of anguish and heartbreak and brings music to our ears as it calms the storms inside. It heals and guides us toward a new understanding of who we are under the eyes of God.

When we begin to feel the heat of the Holy Spirit inside the fire of our spirit, we find strength and courage along with fearlessness to overcome anything during attacks by the forces of evil that try to devour and take our souls.

Embrace the teachings of what we know to be truth as we manifest into the warrior of Christ and become servants to those lost and in torment. For this flame gives freedom to our minds and allows us to reach our highest purpose, it redeems us and opens the doors to our abilities to love.

I love you, Justine. I love you, Brittany.

*Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash