The Fragrance of Beauty


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Mike Aloia 1-16-2022

The struggles we face as we embrace each new day are meant for us to see our strength inside the spirit and to learn how to overcome each challenge in life as we grow and transform into becoming wise and content.

Blessings we receive as we allow the positive flows of spiritual energies are given to us through desires of our heart, known by our creator, as we let go and shed the memories of yesterday’s pain and see ourselves as a healing light.

We plant the seeds of renewal as we begin to breathe in self-love and begin to serve others with compassion and encouraging words of patience.

As we cut the cords of self-centered mindsets, we find ourselves becoming more selfless to our own needs and realize the most important aspects of awareness within the voice of truth and empathy heard inside the depths of the eternal soul held by God’s hand.

Walk the turtle with the fragrance of beauty with each kiss and allow yourself to feel the affectionate touch of peace as you listen to the whispers of guidance during your journey. 

Inspired by love of Justine SueHaley ✝ ❤

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash