The Logical Perspective: The Faith of Science

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In today’s world there is a fundamental belief that science will possibly one day answer all of our questions about life, maybe so. But to say science is all we have to hope for, means we’re delusively leading ourselves astray from the truth. Many of the nonbeliever/atheist/agnostic opinions usually downplay the word faith. Even the usage of the word faith is frowned upon. As if it is unscientific. Yet they don’t realize that faith plays a major role in scientific research. Especially when science itself is an act of faith.

If scientists knew all the answers, there would be no reason to test anything in good faith. None would seek to create nor research. It would be an uninspiring dilemma of bland information and excessive knowledge with no ideas or progress.

Science actually requires faith. When a doctor writes a patient a prescription with a known percentage of failure, the doctor and the patient both hope the medicine will work. Even though the doctor has been taught through education and medical training to know what is the best treatment for a patient, they believe by faith that something will work based on the high percentage of positive results. Yet there is still a chance of failure. So faith is required by the doctor. Faith itself is actually a good cure for anxiety. It’s a tough medicine to swallow so to speak. It is difficult to have faith during troubling times. If we focus on our faith, our anxiety will subside.

Discourse of Faith and the Truth About Faith

FAITH: Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing; or the observance of an obligation from loyalty; fidelity to a person, promise, engagement; a belief not based on proof; or it may refer to a particular system of religious belief such as that in which faith is confidence-based on some degree of warrant.

If a person says to you that they do not believe in anything without any evidence, they are unknowingly being dishonest. Everyone has faith. It takes more faith to live a single day than it does to believe in God. Human beings confide in inconsistencies on a daily basis throughout their daily lives. We have faith in other people. We make plans ahead of time by faith. When we act upon a premeditated idea, it is also by faith. There is no escaping faith, it’s just a part of life. To say that science does not require faith is removing the very foundation of which the scientific revolution started—to seek knowledge and understanding. If there was no faith in science, then there would be no scientific revolution. Life would be boring and I would less likely be telling you this. So have some faith, it’s totally free and who knows where it will take you? It might make you rich, it may make you poor, but it will always reveal the truth in the end.