The Many Doors of Dreams


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael D. Aloia 6-12-2021

A dismissal of the condescending mindset is necessary for the growth required in order for the element of love inside our soul to flourish. We find ourselves bound by certain beliefs, created by the reactions and retributions found by the wounds that seem to have been left unattended by the truth felt after the surrender to faith during our chapters of struggle.

Variables of change are bestowed upon the humble of spirit, as our walk with destiny unites us with the understanding of each other’s heartfelt emotions and feelings, as we comfort our integrity and find nourishment with each kiss.

An enhancement of surrealism is found among us all within the portrait of our perceptions of time and meaningful purpose.

A gracious ambition of self-reinvention is combined with our passions and gifts we each possess, it gives us the abilities to excel and ascend beyond our natural realm of existence.

We walk the turtle and feel the breath of life caressing our flesh as our infinite journey takes us through the many doors of dreams, as we explore the depths within the shapes and colors of this world. We emerge into visions and feel the everlasting connections forever guided by our intuition of righteousness glorified in God’s grace and observed only in his consciousness and almighty power.

As each of us draws closer toward the eyes of fate, we begin to learn self-discipline of practical principles that are in play with the centering of thoughts combined with our focus to be there for one another’s needs with an unconditional purity.

Inspired by my love Justine ✝

Photo by Kamil Feczko on Unsplash