The Music Inside Your Light


Walk the turtle 🐢 Column by Michael Aloia 8-1-2021

Within the midst of chaotic waves, feelings surface from the depths of our memories through the currents of life that we flow into, as we embrace the emotions entwined in our thoughts and perceptions.

The power to control our conduct is essentially the requirement we use in order to move forward and progress in spirituality, and also to maintain peace inside our heart and soul.

Challenges we face each day are greeted with comfort and strength given to us by the creator, as he is the glue the binds us through love and compassion to ourselves and to those that care.

Walk the turtle listening to the music inside your light as we walk together in space and time; reminding ourselves that no matter where our path leads us in this world, we are entering a new understanding each day. 

We are forever grateful for all who have been there and helped us through struggles to know the truth in ourselves, and to smile for being able to feel.

Inspired by the love of Justine 💕

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash