“The Pint Size Star with a BIG Heart”

Cale Ferrin is a young boy full of life, who has the inherent ability to bring people together.  Nesting Doll, a movie in which he has obtained the pivotal role as ‘Freddie’, allows him to bring a part of himself to the screen.  Many of us can learn a thing or two about life through Cale, and how he lives life to the fullest every day.


It was only last July when his journey into the world of entertainment began in Omaha, NE.  One day, a commercial poured out of the speakers, and into Cale’s ears.  The commercial asked those listening if they wanted to become a star!  Immediately he shouted, “I want to be a star!” Soon after, he attended an audition in Nebraska to begin this journey.  This audition was quite fruitful since Cale earned a spot as one of four children to participate at the International Presentation of Performers (iPOP) Showcase in Los Angeles, CA.  He flew to L.A. with his parents to partake in the Showcase which would prepare him for future roles.

The iPOP Showcase allowed Cale, an already outgoing child, to flourish even more so through many experiences.  While at the Showcase he competed in acting and modeling, which resulted in many awards. This opportunity not only provided him with the ability to compete, but also be involved in auditions, training and classes.  The parts he enjoyed the most were the pool and dance parties which helped him bond with children from around the world.


He was extremely excited to share some of the places where his new friends were from, “I made friends from the United States, Canada, and Australia.”  He also has family that lives in the L.A. area, so when he has the opportunity to travel to the west coast he not only gets to work, but spends time with his Aunt and Uncle.

We can learn a tremendous amount about work ethics along with what it takes to succeed not only in the entertainment world, but in everyday life from Cale.  “You have to work hard and love what you do,” a simple but profound concept from this eight year old which most of us might not follow on a daily basis.  Children often have answers to life that we, as adults, dismiss due to their lack of experience on this earth.  Take a page out of Cale’s handbook along with that of many other children, and strive to implement their concepts which just might make life a little better tomorrow.

Cale loves to sing, dance, and act, but that is not all that fills the time of this little dynamite.  He loves to support his brother, who is ten, at many of his sports events.  Cale cherishes the time he is able to spend with him, but the support is mutual.  While at the audition for Nesting Doll, his brother was right there to support him throughout the process.  Furthermore, gymnastics plays a role in his life and he loves to do many tricks as he puts it, “I love to do cartwheels and handstands which are my favorite tricks.”

Cale might be small, but the stars in his eyes are enormous with a personality that will propel him to secure many roles in the near future.  Some of his favorite shows live on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and the show he watches religiously is Jessie.  The dream role for this pint size star would be on Jessie, so be on the lookout because we might just see him alongside that cast one day.  However, for now get ready as he plays ‘Freddie’ in the upcoming movie Nesting Doll where he will be acting alongside Barbara Niven.  ‘Freddie’ is a disabled child who brings four women together, and is in fact not a stretch from everyday life for Cale.  The movie is in pre-production, and is set to begin shooting this November.

What sets Cale apart from everyone else?  The simple answer is not a thing.  Although he has Fanconi Anemia he does not let this stop him from living a normal everyday life.  “Fanconi Anemia is part of who I am, but it doesn’t make me different from anyone else.”  Fanconi Anemia is a rare life-threatening blood disorder, which through a lack of the normal DNA repair functions there is an increased chance of developing cancer.  Not many can face a rare disorder like FA, which only has around 300 cases in the U.S., and still thrive without missing a beat.

The parents of this quite inspirational youngster support him in all of his endeavors, but they are just as supportive of their other children as well.  Often time’s rare disorders can divide families, but Cale, ‘The Glue’, brings this family closer.  The time I was able to spend with Britteny, his mother, and Cale truly demonstrated the genuine spirit that can be seen in many of his clips on YouTube.  I urge all to follow the budding career of this future star, and be on the lookout for Nesting Doll which is his debut movie role.

“When Cale was three we were in the checkout line in the grocery store, and he asked me if he could hug the woman behind us.  I told him no, we don’t hug strangers.  His reply to me was ‘Why mom? Strangers need hugs too!’ my heart just melted, and showed me the spirit within my son” – Britteny Ferrin

Shout Outs

  • “To Cale, who took the time to let me take a glimpse into his life.”
  • “To Britteny, who allowed me the opportunity to spend some time with her son.”
  • “To the rest of his family who support this little star, and helping to make his dream come true.”
  • “To the Nesting Doll crew who aims to create a movement to show that disabled individuals are not different, this is especially near to my heart since I have a new mutation of an eye disorder that resulted in my blindness.”
  • “Finally, thank you to all that will read this in order to learn more about Cale and Fanconi ”