The SIGMA Male “Dare To Be”

The SIGMA Male

“Dare To Be”

By Florida Night Train©

It has been said there is a new breed of males out there. I say there is a new label to define true, genuine, age-old, honorable masculinity. We all know about the “Alpha Male” who is known to use force, fear, power, and authority to intimidate and get what he wants. We also know about the “Beta Male” with the reputation to be a softy; an accommodating “yes-man” of sorts, oftentimes associated with and highly supportive of things perceived as less masculine. The Beta male assumes a passive or subservient role in social or professional environments.

My findings also revealed the “Gamma Male”, closely tied to the Beta male but deemed as adventurous and upbeat. They are a friend of many and love to explore. A Gamma male is in touch with their feminine side and is not afraid of showing his emotions. They understand the feelings of those around them, especially in regards to women. Then there is the “Delta Male”, who are your average Joes. They are not the smartest, strongest, or most attractive. Nothing really stands out in intelligence or physicality. Delta men are hard workers and extremely competent at what they do. They do the work and get things done. Deltas find it very hard to open up and trust people. A Delta may also have been a former Alpha that decided to let go the Alpha existence for a more peaceful life.

Then there is the mystical “Sigma Male”. They understand the importance of being social but they prefer being alone. They don’t need a thousand “likes” on social media and don’t really care for those who do. They enjoy few friends and that’s enough for them. They prefer doing things and figuring things out on their own without depending on anyone. Sigmas learn and acquire the skills they need to execute any project they set their mind to; they are self-sufficient with skills to offer. They are known to face their fears and own their mistakes.  They can be alone for extended periods of time to find solutions to the problems they face and will ask for help only when they know they can’t solve a problem by themselves. Often, I assume, they will have not one but several trusted mentors each with their own specialty in life. They view their fears as milestones and challenges to overcome rather than cave into being afraid—fear is “temporary”. They know all have fears and all can overcome their fears if they put their mind to it. Sigmas can fight their inner battles and find purpose. They know what to do, when, and how to do it. They will know themselves in depth which is often referred to as “self-aware”—that, by the way, takes a crap-load of work and years to achieve. They will know exactly the qualities and affinities in the life-partner they want. If you want a Sigma male as a mate, your most fierce competition will not be others. Your competition will be his peace and if you cannot add or complete his peace, you will be left behind broken-hearted. Sigma males will have clarity of mind and map out how to get to their objectives in alignment with their purpose—short, mid, and long-term.  

They spend ~80% of their time planning and the rest of that time executing. Not afraid to say no if requests are not in line with their objectives, they can be perceived as arrogant or judged as selfish. Sigma male understands the value of both theirs and other people’s time, their weeks are planned ahead. This is why they treat requests on needs and wants basis. They will adapt and be sensitive to emergencies sacrificing their priorities accordingly. They are logical beings more than emotional or reactive. While it is common to the average mortals out there to feed their ego by comparing themselves to others, Sigma males don’t waste their time doing that. They pursue excellence, knowledge, and health in every dimension of life, i.e. emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual. They are always in competition with themselves seeking to grow with an insatiable thirst to learn. The Sigma celebrates his achievements but does not let it get to his head because he is always in pursuit of the bigger picture. They have confidence and believe in themselves. Others are often found jealous or insecure in the face of a Sigma male. Sigma males practice realistic optimism. The Sigma does not give up easily because he believes there is a solution to every problem. They set their minds on achievable objectives and are highly strategic. They are deemed to be some of the most successful and sought-after individuals. They will help those who want to learn and act on it, but they will not spend a minute on anyone making excuses. Small talk is not acceptable and bores them to death. Other men copy them, but they never copy others.

The Sigma male is, in my opinion, what every man was/is originally designed to be. Independent, honorable, humble, strong, confident, self-aware, self-sufficient, loyal, generous, trust-worthy, discerning, relentless, resilient, creative, resourceful… the list goes on. The Sigma male is not a new breed of men, we just allowed ourselves to lose our ways in raising good men. We fractured ourselves in pieces dissecting characters as described above, i.e. alpha, delta, gamma, beta; when in fact, the Sigma encompasses all of it in one single package. I would be remiss if I did not point out there is also a female Sigma version. Both, much like the yin and yang, are interdependent, equally adoring each other. The more I researched these characters the more I found myself inspired with words, concepts and, dare I say, lost realities that resonated deep within me.

When I read the news out there and when I look at social media, both genders are screaming for affirmation and acceptance seeking deep human connections baring it all physically, emotionally, and even spiritually; as if social media and technology could replace human affirmation!!! If you pay close attention my good friends and if you discern between all this confused modern fog, both Sigma male and female are still very much there and here with us all—they are within us. If we pay close attention and if we follow their lead; silent, steady, moving along and forward pioneering through all the junk without being distracted by all the noise, we will know victory within. The media does not want you to see that.  

Sigmas are too stable, too strong. Sigmas can be threatening to those seeking their own interests. Sigmas always end up seeing through clearly. Their best weapon? “Inner Intelligence” paired with a solid moral compass—look it up! They can’t be controlled or manipulated. I am thankfully seeing more and more Sigmas out there; perhaps a wishful reflection of who I strive to be within deep down. Regardless, Sigmas are rising infusing some good doses of authenticity into this confused mass. I will not name anyone. 

Open your eyes. Observe and dare to be inspired by who you really are deep down. Dare to stand in the face of adversity. Dare to grow. Dare to say, “I was wrong, let me fix me”. Dare to give yourself a chance. Dare the Sigma in you—male or female. We are in a good place.

Striving to be Sigma will cost you a great deal, perhaps even relationships or friendships; I know first-hand. Sigmas look in the face of destruction and evil and they smile. They smile at the glorious satisfaction of battles in front of them knowing they are living life in full force; forging ahead for themselves, yes, but also for their loved ones. They are lions, not sheep. Popularity is of no value to them.

Who do you seek to be? Who do you want to be? These are the thoughts and reflections always consuming my mind when I ride.

Sources: Internet research

Photo Credit: Lecia McDermott

Model: Shalimar E.


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