The Simplicity of Thought


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Mike Aloia

The driving force of energy that lives inside our spirit and soul, given to us upon our creation, is the life breath of our passion and love. 

We grow and create as we release a natural admiration toward a nurturing, affectionate desire to be held close to the warmth and comfort waiting beside emotions and scars. 

Becoming aware of understanding the required amount of touch needed to be felt by the heart, connected within the spiritual bond of another human being. 

Empathy and intuitive insight brings forth the harnessing of a sensitive mind, along with the vision of expression and experiences within each fragment constructed by our choice. 

Walk the turtle with simplicity of thought and align our perspective with truth inside each struggle, to break free of undertones and embrace the beauty of a loving, soft kiss.

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash