The Sparrow



If I were a sparrow
I’d pluck popcorn
On the wing,
From the sticky fingers of children.

Snatch the scruffy toupees
From the heads of doddering old men,
And pop every crayon colored balloon
Waving over every gleeful birthday party.

If I were a sparrow,
The ordinary sparrow,
I’d screech at the silly wind chimes
Until they fell silent.

Bang at windows until they shattered
Allowing the clouds to pass through,
And carry off the seeds
Meant for the diminutive finicky goldfinch.

I would tease the cat until it sulked
Slit-eyed, to a safe corner.
I’d harass the dog, until panting,
It lay down and pretended not to care.

I would make you notice
Make you look
Make you see

The sparrow
The ordinary sparrow.


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