The Spirit of Hope and Prayer


“Walk the Turtle” 1-11-2020

As I observe the heavy moss attached to the branches of the mighty Southern Oaks, I see them dancing in the warmth of the delicate breeze.

Vibrations of musical notes, created by the sound of wind chimes, surround my spirit as I listen to the whispers of those I have once loved deeply.

The crisp images of hidden visions emerge from past experiences held within the surrealism of empathy. My heart knows these feelings of contentment beyond the grave understanding of the connections we share.

Changes and chapters are the constant during our existence in this thing we call life. Intuitive aspects of wisdom remain as we go forth seeking knowledge and rebirth, amazing are the eyes and hands of time as we witness the struggles of those lost and others reaching out to those that are blind.

United by the spirit of hope and prayer is a gift we have received and as each day passes, a true bond of love and compassion grows as we both walk the turtle.

Inspired by: Brittany Nichole Casey. +