The Storms of Life



I figured this would be an appropriate topic this week especially after what we have seen in Houston and as I am writing this, what we are preparing for here in Florida. One thing we do know is that a storm is definitely coming. The question is what do we do and how do we prepare for it? Also, very important, what do we do after the storm?

Another thing that is also guaranteed, is that we all go through storms in our lives. When you see your storm coming in, you start to see the dark clouds and the dark clouds are similar to what we face when we go through struggles. After the storm, when you start to see patches of blue sky, your focus begins to change on all the good things in your life. When you see those patches of blue sky, you feel better, your attitude changes, you realize that while there are challenges, there is also a lot of positive in your life………The weather definitely is a good analogy to our lives.

We all have experienced the sunny days, the stormy days, and the overcast days. In our lives, the sunny days represent the good times. The storms represent the challenges we all face, and the overcast days are days when things are just average.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to storms.

1) The benefit of storms.

We need the storms and the overcast days to help us appreciate the sunny days. If it was sunny every single day, then we would start taking it for granted. In our lives, we need the challenging times to make us appreciate the good times. The storms in life help us grow and they help us learn.

2) Some rain must fall.

There will be some stormy days that will come that no matter what you do, it will contain failure. Failure will rain down upon your world to the point where you may feel that there is no hope sometimes. This is the kind of stormy day that will need a lot of your strength to overcome. It is through learning how to deal with failure and how to turn it in to your advantage that ultimately will improve your attitude and help you to become more successful. As you learn from your failures, you will be able to face and overcome any challenge thrown your way. It makes you stronger.

3) Focus differently.

On overcast days, we can see the sun trying to peek through the clouds and we can focus on the hope that the storm is breaking up, or we can choose to focus on only the clouds. The choice is yours.

Our lives all have storms, but the most important thing is that we maintain hope for sunnier days. Our attitude will determine what we see, and most importantly, what we focus on.

4) Despite the clouds, keep moving forward.

If our focus is only on the storm, we will never get beyond it. However, if we focus and hope for a brighter day then our attitude can become one of moving forward. We must get beyond where we are now.

Remember, there is always a solution to every problem. When it comes to a storm, use this phrase: “This soon will pass.”

Don’t ever allow the storm to last longer than it should. The more positive our attitude, the shorter the storm.

5) Don’t get stuck.

Be the type of person that finds a solution to the problem. Always understand that there are possibilities. Where many people make the mistake, they focus too much on the problem and not on the possibility of solving the problem. Do not sit and moan and complain. If you become stuck, the problem now owns you. Take that problem and tell yourself that there is a solution. Take that first step and find a solution. Once you have set your thoughts to finding a solution, you are now looking toward the future and you’re not dwelling in the past. You are not stuck. You are moving forward. You are putting the stress behind you.

While we cannot control the weather, we can certainly control our attitude and focus. It does take a lot of courage to have an attitude of gratitude when you’re going through a storm, but once you have it, it empowers you. Focus on what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Always focus on the positive and be grateful at all times. Don’t focus on the problems, focus on solving them.

We all go through storms of life. No one is immune to that. The key is, do not stay in the aftermath of the storm. Keep moving forward, keep smiling, keep strong and always have an attitude of gratitude.

Blessings, success, and safe haven for all of you!


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