THE STOVE just celebrated its one-year anniversary with a special dinner invite.

Usually, only open for breakfast and lunch or for special hosted parties, they opened for a great evening of unlimited food and drink. Prime rib, salmon, pasta, vegetables, wonderful stuffed olives, peppers and mushrooms, and plenty of appetizer plates, Scott Commings and Antonio Nunez prepared the amazing spread and co-owner Steve Grodkiewicz was there to host us.

We started with champagne and moved on to a great whiskey.  The view over the Las Vegas Valley is unlimited.

The deck of this second- floor establishment is great for a drink and a place to relax. The Stove’s Twisted Tea Room comes with a multitude of teas to pick from and every cup and saucer are purposely mismatched.  With the most fabulous blueberry muffins, fresh baguettes, and an amazing menu, this was my 6th time there.  Their pecan pancakes are expertly made; they have a twist on the Eggs Benedict with chicken fried steak on their waffles and an extraordinary table-side banana foster.

Lunch is the best with a host of fresh salads like watermelon and sandwiches to pick from.  Try the duck macaroni or short rid empanadas, and maybe opt for the bottomless mimosas.

The private dining room can hold 45 guests, with a total capacity of 75.  Located at 11261 S. Eastern Ave. #200. Call 702-625-5216. Monday thru Friday 9-3, Sat and Sun 9-4.  They are making an announcement soon, can’t wait to hear it.

Photo credit Treston Southwick