The Stradivarius Inside


“Walk the Turtle” 3/14/2019


Wiser are we when our intuition is simplified; thought processes hidden in our biological understandings are submerged beneath the emerald mist of our spiritual amplifications. We set a course of travel within our hearts uncovering purposes of our existence between both realms of life.

Severed strings that once pulled our emotional vibrations cease to exist as the practices of prayer create eternal peace; a fine tune is heard through the sounds of the Stradivarius inside each lost soul wandering.

Captivated by each moment we live, we share part of ourselves with our offspring while harnessing the bittersweet memories of happiness and struggles. Our burdens are lifted after the eyes awaken to the truth of everlasting, unconditional love given to us to pass on for generations to come.

Learning each day is part of our development and growth even beyond the time of death.

We give ourselves the abilities of sound mind and reason as our intellect melts with the visions and premonitions as if it were a prophecy fulfilled; bound by the threads of complete contentment found inside our space deep within the soul’s chambers of peace.

Walk the turtle and embrace the kingdom of Almighty God as we journey toward the bold motions of our fearless determination to serve and testify, while we minister to those we are chosen to inspire becoming one day closer to reuniting with love in heaven.

In time I will be with you Brittany, my love.