When Things Go Awry

When Things Go Awry

By Cassandra Dumas


I remember the words…

“Keep pressing forward.”

We all have difficult situations that we deal with in life. fullsizerender-2

I have noticed that I have fallen off track due to how I reacted to life happening around me.

My mom was in the hospital during Thanksgiving, grieving the one year anniversary of Emanual Yarbrough’s death on December 21st, followed up with one of my aunts passing away on December 23rd. Let’s not forget the holidays ……cookies, cake, potlucks, and parties galore. All things making it more challenging for me to stay on track. The truth is I have made good choices for myself in difficult times before but lately I have felt overwhelmed. What I do know as I sit here is that I truly don’t like how I feel; low energy, bloated, tired and somewhat defeated.


Looking at the words I just typed, I also realize I am the only one that can turn it around for myself. It starts with my mind, my positive thinking, and my willingness to make a change.

What I need to do is get back on track, taking one day at a time! I need to make positive choices for myself, enjoy life, feel good physically and mentally. For me it is a process of setting goals and making steps toward those goals. Keeping promises to myself is key. Surrounding myself with like-minded people who will encourage me to stay focused is also important.

I like this quote I saw …


I don’t have to wait until next month or next week. I just have to start now…..today. I have to meal prep which I know is essential because I have always been told it is 80% of what you eat and 20% of exercise. For me eating several meals throughout the day is essential.

Reflection: img_3082

What I have learned is life happens every day, the planned and the unexpected. In the midst of each day I just need to remember, “Keep pressing forward toward the goals I have set for myself.” Here’s to making dreams become a reality. ✅


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Hi, I'm Cassandra Dumas, I'm an educator and some of you might know me from Season 3 Extreme Weight-Loss with Chris and Heidi Powell.  I have spent my life inspiring youth and now it's time to look in the mirror, face the truth, and inspire myself again.  As most of you know I lost an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time during my episode.   It has been a hard 3 1/2 years since Extreme Weight-Loss aired. It has been very difficult for me to maintain and the weight has crept back on. Over these past years I have had not one but two total knee replacements, additional responsibility of taking care of elderly parents, and ending the 2015 year with the death of my boyfriend, Manny Yarbrough. Now I sit here before you ready to make a change. I truly want to be healthy and live my life as I envisioned it. I feel this is an opportunity for me to get back on track and focus on accomplishing my personal goals. Sometimes I can't help but feel embarrassed about my weight gain, but life happens. No matter what is thrown our way we have to make the decision to carry on. So join me as I go through my weight-loss journey, "Making a Difference .... One Pound at a Time," realizing this time, it is a lifelong journey.


  1. Hi Cassandra, I just received cable and today Aug 11, 2019 was the first time seeing Extreme Weight loss. You inspired me. I pray that you are back on track with your health, your life. Remember to put God first and through his strength can do all things. Love your infectious smile. I feel like you are my friend.

  2. Dear Cassandra, I saw you on TV many years ago… perhaps 2013 and through the years I kept thinking of your remarkable story. Recently, I thought I would look online for a video of the program. I had remembered your name was Cassandra and that was enough to take me to the right video. I watched it again and, once again, I found your story so inspiring! You are a strong lady and you are so kind to everyone around you! I would like to wish you with all my heart success in maintaining the healthy lifestyle and self-confidence which you earned through so much hard work!! All the best!


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