Things They Don’t Tell You about Vaccines and Vaccinations


This information may come as a shock to some. I know some people have even been stunned into silence over the news. Here is the revealing lowdown for those investigating and wanting to know the truth about vaccines and vaccinations. I’ve spent years looking into this rather deceptive and dubious subject, but don’t take my word for it: I encourage you to do your own research, but having said that, as I’ve been saying for some time, vaccines:

1.    Have been commonly known to be ineffective and have caused the very illness that was vaccinated for.

2.    Are highly toxic and anyone receiving a vaccination could be made seriously ill or even die. Would you play this kind of Russian roulette with your body? What about the risk to your children? Especially children 6 years or under since many at this age would have received something like 25 different vaccinations.

3.    …in the USA: Big Pharma has been made exempt from prosecution should any adverse reactions occur, even from hit-or-miss trial vaccines.

4.    Contain toxins such as live viruses capable of altering our DNA by incorporating into our host cells, carboxylic acids, formaldehyde, pig’s bladder, dead foetal matter… the list goes on.

5.   Independent (to Big Pharma) peer-reviewed scientific data from trials is seldom found verifying the efficacy of the above adjuvants (ingredients). Where are the controls/blind/double- blind studies? That makes vaccines unscientific.

6.   Have a mercury-containing adjuvant called thimerosal which has been linked to autism. It’s no coincidence that the huge rise in autism over the years coincides with vaccines and has been covered up.

7.    If refused, authorities such as those in schools have indeed been well-known to ostracise unvaccinated individuals and the state of California has made vaccinations compulsory. If vaccines were so good then what’s the problem since the vaccinated would be protected from the unvaccinated? The authorities ostracising or doctors (hypocrites ) refusing to treat, therefore, don’t really care about the health of these unvaccinated individuals. That’s because the real reason for vaccinations is that they’re part of an agenda. Beware of the agenda. As I’ve been saying it’s nothing more than a silent weapon for compliant sheep-like people! 

8.   History has shown that the decrease in diseases such as smallpox, polio, and measles over the centuries has been due to improvements in sanitation NOT vaccination.

That concludes my all-too-brief lowdown. Like I said earlier, do your own digging:

-Education before medication is the key to good health and vitality!

With concern for your health over the profits of greedy corporations,

Much love,

Paul A Philips


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