Think Like an Above Average Person

Success is at the top and failure at the bottom. When you think about mediocrity or being average, it is right smack in the middle. Keep in mind, mediocrity is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top.

Very often, as I speak to possible candidates for a position with RMS, they will ask, “What does the average salesperson earn?” Automatically, that tells me they consider themselves average.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone wants to be just average. When someone is average, life can be boring and they don’t get to enjoy the finer things. The one problem is that many people don’t know how to become above average.

Studies show that 98% of people are stuck at an average or mediocre level or worse. The reason is they think that they can keep doing the same thing and get different results. As many of you have heard, that is the definition of insanity.

It’s funny how many can come into an opportunity like RMS and say they want to make a lot of money and then just start doing what the average people do. And sooner or later, they will complain about not making enough money.

So the big question is, ”How do you become above average?” If you really want to know how to be above average, you have to think about what above average people do. There are many people that know what a lot of the above average people do and they even get training on how to do it, but unfortunately they won’t do it.

I find that they have plenty of excuses and end up staying in their comfort zone where they keep doing the same things as the average people and then wonder why they are not earning above average income.

Here is the question that I’d like for you to ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing, or about to do, something that an above average person would do?”

It’s time to think like an above average person.

With RMS, we have plenty of resources to help you succeed. We have plenty of motivational and training videos that will teach you every facet of our business. You are surrounded by success. All of the leaders within our group lead by example.

The magic word that I am talking about is ACTION. An above average person will learn everything they can about our industry and choose to take action; they will apply what they learned immediately. This is what it takes to be successful.

Surround yourself with successful people. Find people that have what you want, model after them, do what they do, and start making the decisions you know they would make.

You will be amazed how much your results will change just by doing this; you are who you hang around with. Limit yourself from associating with average or below average people. I’m not saying to eliminate them from your life, I am pointing out that it is very important that if you want to be above average that you get your help from people that are in life where you want to be.

Make a commitment to excellence. Every action you take throughout the day moves you closer or further from your goals. Start thinking like an above average person. This will help you to make the right decisions and to take action in the right direction that gets you closer to reaching your goals. This is truly how to be above average and how to get above average results.

Life is too short just to be mediocre. You are a winner and you deserve the very best. Take action daily and choose to be ABOVE AVERAGE!

Have an above average week!

Regional Sales Manager RMSNPC