Thoughtful Moments Among Memories


“Walk the Turtle” 12/4/2019

As I sit on the porch absorbing the sweetness of the calm breeze, I listen to the delightful sound of songbirds as I observe them playfully dancing among the azaleas and whisking across the yard into the branches of mossy Oaks. 

Thoughtful moments among my memories begin to surface from inside my mind. I lift my head to the heavens and whisper “Thank you for your love,” knowing my time wandering through life is eternally guided by the divine spirit of life. 

Creating is my purpose and also to share our gifts to those in our path, we speak to them with inspirational messages and encouraging scripture. 

As the winds carry us into the rising sun, an ember inside our souls begins to breathe as our flames ignite during the moments of freedoms felt as we fly into the infinite realms of reality and dream. 

Walking with the turtles each day and seeing life in many different ways brings a certain new perspective inside our visions seen, gracefully praying and humbled to your heart for loving me.

Love youu Britt & Justine…

Image by jjab0514 from Pixabay