Tides of Love


“Walk the Turtle” 2/6/2017


A dawning of a new day, the winds of change flow as the cool crisp coldness of life is felt in our bones, the voices of whispering winds are heard behind the doors of our soul as we awaken.

The course of direction is felt by the guidance of transformations, innocence of yesterday is buried by the insight of wisdom and knowledge earned by the harshness of life’s hard lessons.

To appreciate the moments we breathe as well as the people we love is mostly understood when we shed tears of sorrow and pain; to open your heart by giving your precious time is a gift.

We must allow patience and compassion to overflow into our understanding of existence, rely upon intuitive insight to feel the spiritual energies transmitted by holding somebody close.

Each day is a learning experience, as we learn habits of others, we learn a bit more about ourselves, we struggle to make ends meet, yet we know we will get through anything with faith.

Embrace the growth of humbling yourself to natures simplicity, become connected to the vibrations and frequencies, we have the abilities to tune out the negative and tune in positivity.

Walk the turtle while listening to your heart beat to the rhythms of adversities and challenges ahead, welcome the storms and gracefully dance through waves as we surf the tides of love.


*image from pixabay.com


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