To Be Alive


“Walk the Turtle” 1/21/2018


We gaze upon the eyes of uncertainties in life, with each of our moments passing through our hearts, it becomes open to the compassion of love.

Unspoken rules inside the silence of our crystal clear visions become embraced by depths of hope and grace filled with purified living tears of joy.

We wander through the passages of our minds, searching for a glimpse of light to guide our spirit, deeper we travel upon levels of unfolding roads.

Untold suffering carried inside the subconscious dream bestowed among the cries of our soul are healed by complete faithfulness in our divine.

Unseen realms surround our eternal being, elevation of thoughts allows uplifting power and strength to enter the face of wisdom and knowledge.

Walk the turtle with a feeling of contentment, knowing our burdens will diminish as time moves closer toward our destiny and purpose to be alive.



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