Top 6 World Destinations for Whale Watching


Are you tired of sitting at home waiting for the pandemic to be over? If the answer is yes, you could bring some hope into your life by planning your next post-pandemic vacation! You may want to try something different the next time you hit the road, and if you still haven’t encountered some whales, then this might be a part of your next mission. Even though you could technically see the whales in any part of the world with a coastline, there are some places that increase these chances by a lot. These are some of the destinations where you’ll have the time of your life and spot these amazing creatures for sure!


Depending on when you’re planning this trip to happen, you’ll have to choose the right location. For instance, if you’re going to spot whales in spring, you might want to get tickets to Portugal. This charming country has one of the most popular whale watching destinations in the world. The destination in question is Azores – a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. 

If you pick the Azores, you might get the chance to see both dolphins and whales and check out why this place is so famous. You won’t be able to miss the sperm and pilot whales since they’re around there throughout the whole year. During the spring, you might see humpbacks, fin, blue, and Sei whales when they start migrating. 

Photo by Elianne Dipp from Pexels


You may be planning the vacation with your significant other. If that is the case, and you’re both adventurous, you may have just found the perfect location for this trip. Traveling together will strengthen your relationship and help you build a better connection. Canada is the perfect whale watching country, especially if you’re going there during the spring or summer. 

You and your partner might spend some time watching the amazing grey whales migrating in March and April. From May to September, you could spot orca, as well as humpbacks, minke, sperm, blue, and fin whales. May and June are perfect for spotting narwhals, bowhead whales and walruses in Arctic Nunavut, while you could spot beluga whales in Manitoba, Churchill, and Tadoussac as soon as June starts. 


It’s impossible to think about whales, dolphins, and sea wildlife in general, without Australia coming to mind. In Western Australia, about 400km away from Perth, the coastal town of Bremer Bay is located. Known for its breathtaking beaches and amazing sea creatures, Bremer Bay is definitely a location you would like to have on your travel bucket list. 

You can visit this town in two seasons (if the purpose of the trip is whale spotting, of course). From July to October, you could spot Southern Right Whales, as this is when they arrive to give birth to the next generation in these waters. During Bremer Bay killer whales tours, you could view the mothers with their calves in the Bremer bays. From January to April, you could see orca, pilot, sperm, and Sunfish whales, as well as the wild orca of Australia.

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

South Africa 

For a fall trip, you could pick the Hermanus as the perfect destination. This fishing town located in South Africa is perfect for you if you wish to see the whales without ever leaving the dry land. Shore-based whale spotting isn’t the only advantage of this place. You can also experience calling a special hotline where you can learn where the whales are. 

The whale crier of the town is also there, blowing a kelp horn to signal whether something’s happening in the bay. The peak of the season there is during September and October, but you can watch whales there all the way from July to November. Humpback whales also come here to mate and calve, and you can see them on boat trips or aerial tours if you feel like seeing them from another angle. 


Despite being the coldest and windiest continent, Antarctica is one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching. Unfortunately, due to its rich wildlife, the Southern Ocean has served as a hunting ground for these amazing marine mammals. However, today, people travel there only to admire these creatures.

If you’re one of these travelers, you should go there in February or March. This is the ideal time for you to spot orcas and humpback whales. If you’re lucky, you might also spot some minke or sperm whales, as well as the blue whale in all of its majesty. 

Photo by Elianne Dipp from Pexels

Sri Lanka 

Ideal for the winter months whale spotting is Sri Lanka. All the way from November to April, the coast of Mirissa and Galle is full of friendly dolphins and whales. All this time, you could find humpbacks, sperm, and Bryde’s whales. 

February and March, though, are the only months when you could set your eyes on a mighty blue whale in this South Asian country. Whenever you choose to go there, you’ll definitely have the time of your life and you’ll feel as adventurous as ever. 


Whale watching is a unique experience that brings you to nature and makes you appreciate it even more. Make sure to check out at least some of these destinations and see for yourself how enriching this experience is!

Top photo by aurore murguet from Pexels