Transcend Above the Storms


Walk the Turtle ✝ 🐢

Column by Michael Aloia 7-26-2020

Reflections of true colors illuminated through the stained glass eyes of people we once knew. A heartbreak of sorrows gleaming inside the wounds of time held by the memories and dreams that once kindled a flame of hope as yesterday’s promises become part of our past.

Enduring blemishes of a tainted moment are seen inside the spirit of forgiveness, holding the flower of purity and devotion connected by the pinwheels of our perpetual motion as the wheels spin within our thoughts and feelings.

As the torches of a harmful individual scorch our flesh and penetrate deep into our bloodline, we recognize the poisonous venom that infects our fears and mindsets; a glimpse of light appears to us through the love and self-compassion to be free from the tortured.

Happiness emerges upon the lines of our face as we learn to smile at betrayal and watch our twists of fate become unveiled before our life.

We transcend above the storms and look back on how things once were. Peace is felt each time we triumph and prevail through every struggle we experience as we close another chapter of this journey we each have alone.

Walk the turtle with armor of faith and understanding to your significance in this world of challenges and beauty, knowing our guidance of insight and intuitive senses are part of our spiritual gift given to us to be wise.

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash