Travel Like A Boss with JetSmarter


Travel Like A Boss with JetSmarter


As the owner of a Travel business, we get around the world a bit.  Germany – London- Japan- Portugal – Spain – Italy – Australia – Turkey just to name a few of the stops I have made in my time.  But now that I am older I wanted to find ways of not only enjoying my hotel deals but enjoying the experience of getting from one destination to another in style without breaking the bank.

Well we found it although I have to admit if you’re not a serious traveler you may think you can do without this – What I like is they give you options from normal flying, you can look and feel like a Boss a few times a year and still spend less than you would be traveling 2 people 1st class to Europe; Welcome to JetSmarter

An end-to-end luxury travel experience has arrived. With premium flight options, five-star flight crews, and legroom for days, you’ll never want to go back to flying commercial or overpaying for private charters.


  1. Pre-Flight

Booking a flight in the JetSmarter app is easy! View starting prices right in the calendar and browse flight options by date. Fly on our high-frequency routes between major cities, or create your own flight to 170+ destinations across the globe.


  1. On the Day Of

Skip the long lines and airport crowds and arrive at the private jet terminal just 15 minutes before take-off. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by our Ground Representatives.


  1. At the FBO (Fixed Base Operator)

Enjoy the convenience of flying out of JetSmarter’s dedicated FBOs, without the nuisances of commercial terminals. After a personal welcome by the Grounds Team, relax at the private terminal while you enjoy complimentary champagne, Wi-Fi and the comfort and privacy of the lounge.


  1. Safety & Security

Fly right past airport security. All passengers on shared flights are required to pass a digital background check, and our expert security team conducts a non-intrusive inspection of all bags so that you can board with peace of mind. If you purchase a private charter, skip this step entirely.


  1. Boarding

Our Ground Team will escort you aboard the flight and get you situated with anything you may need before take-off.

6. In-Flight


Network with like-minded individuals, dine on catering and sip champagne while you sit back (all the way back) and enjoy the flight. All heavy jets include gourmet dining options, cocktails, an onboard flight attendant and have complimentary 4G high-speed Wi-Fi; so, you can work, check e-mail or stream videos with no interruptions.

  1. Arrival

Land at your destination in style. Need a ride? Order a black car through Concierge and we’ll pick you up right on the tarmac as soon as you land to make sure you arrive at your final destination in comfort.

An unmatched experience in private air travel

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you saved time and arrived revitalized and ready to make it to your meeting, enjoy some time-off — or both. Memberships 2 types both have a 1 off fee of $3,000 USD to set up & Individual membership is $3,950 per year & Family is $9,950 per year!

See you aboard the next flight!

free-label-png-5 We hope you like this one and please take a look a JetSmarter.  Meanwhile, to get you off to a good start we will give you access to our international VIP Hotel & Resort Card TravNow – Just email Jenny and she will send you instructions on how to set up your FREE $500 VIP Hotel & Resort card.


Have A Great Day TravRewards Team

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