Two Simple Sales Tips to Help You Sell Yourself


When it comes to sales training, there is an abundance of information that is available. There definitely is some good advice out there and most of the information is helpful. Many of you know my background. I’ve been in direct sales since I was a kid. When I use the term “direct sales,” I am talking about TRUE sales. I know what it is to walk into a prospect cold when they have no idea that I’m coming or why I am there. It certainly can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. What an incredible feeling it is to have success in direct sales!

When you hear all the advice that you receive from videos or from sales professionals, it can be overwhelming and also confusing. I believe where people make the mistake in selling, is they talk too much and give information overload, which only overwhelms the prospect.

I remember way back on my first week of selling books, I had great success right out of the gate and made seven sales. Everybody was telling me how great I was doing. The funny thing is that I really had no idea what I was doing. People were buying my enthusiasm. The second week I became, in my mind, a professional salesman. I went out there and basically oversold the product. That week, I only wrote two and one of them canceled. The difference was very simple. My first week, I was excited about what I was selling and the customers became excited as well. The second week, I was overselling, overexplaining, and boring people.

Bottom line, sales is all about selling yourself. People are buying you. Yes, It is important that you have an excellent product or service, but most important YOU are what they are buying.

Today, I am going to give you two very simple tips that will help you sell yourself.


So this is very simple. How do you get people to like you? The first step is to just smile. Many people without realizing it look angry, grumpy, stressed out or sad. Your smile is your first impression. I’m going to encourage you to practice this wherever you go. Get into the habit of smiling with everyone you meet. A smile will crumble any obstacle. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Develop a reputation of someone that smiles all the time.

Your smile is your logo.


The best salespeople are the best listeners. There is a misconception that in order to be successful in selling, you have to have the “gift of gab.” The reality is, it’s quite the opposite. I have seen so many salespeople talk themselves out of the sale. They simply talk too much and do not listen. How can a sales representative know what a prospect needs if they don’t give them the opportunity to tell them?

Ask questions. When you ask the questions, LISTEN to their responses. This shows that you care and that you really want to help your prospect.

Focus on these areas this week. These are two very important tips that will not only help you in selling but will also help you in all of your relationships. Go out there this week and SMILE and truly LISTEN to all whom you encounter.

Have a super successful week!

Regional Sales Manager RMSNPC

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash