Under the Son +


“Walk the Turtle” 1/27/19


The soft sound of raindrops, cast upon a tin roof amidst a crisp breath of winter air, is heard during the emergence of the new morning rays of sunlight as dawn gives life.

Dreams have passed as darkness is lifted by His grace; a vision of tomorrow is bestowed within the center of a bleeding soul, as the mending of a broken spirit begins to heal. 

Blessed are those that are suffering and weeping to those they mourn, let not yesterday’s tears fill your time in today’s grievances. Follow the winds of choice and bow in prayer as we surrender our heart.

Complete peace beyond the understandings of circumstances will allow our being to embrace a rebirth of a humbled servant.

Walk the turtle by faith as we endure each trial and testament. Reach to the heavens and cry out to your Savior in joy for the gifts of love and salvations we share under the Son.

One day closer to you Britt…Love you.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash