Unleash Tough Love


“Walk the Turtle”


tough love pic_edited-1

Aspects of realities and illusions, thinking we can change a mindset of someone else that refuses to comply and make any effort to nurture the changes needed in order to have peace inside themselves.

We show the compassion and sympathies of being kind and having degrees of understanding, yet the deceptions and betrayal of being taken for granted or being taken advantage of triggers a rage that dwells.

To care and justify, to listen and simplify, to feel helpless and be crucified, these we all will go through to lift someone up, mending the cuts that bleed while softening the scars from tears of pain.

Our world is full of givers and takers, liars and deceivers, addicts and mischief-makers with lovers of life and those that are cold of strife, we encounter them as we travel through our time here on Earth.

A strength inside resonated by the knowing that a chapter is done, to take the proper steps to remove the lost ones from your life yet planting the seed of forgiveness, it takes doing what’s right for some to learn.

We watch our life and other lives unfold as we walk the turtle and say goodbye to some we love the most, whatever the reasons behind the scenes we must put things in God’s hands and unleash tough love.


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