Validations of Love and Commitment


“Walk the Turtle” 3-28-21

Virtues of our hearts, bound within the companionship of our souls, caress the sensitivities imprinted by the solace inside our spirit as we gaze deep into one another’s eyes. We emerge slowly and create new dreams together being guided in faith.

To feel the essence of hope fill our sphere of time and space, we begin to wrap our arms around each other’s body of warmth; a cascade of color and light enhance our abilities to shed moments without worry.

We pursue validations of love and commitment for the wellbeing of our emptiness; we breathe life into the realms of possibilities felt by a soft kiss.

Harnessing our contentments and flowing through streams of change brought forth by our fears as we remain safe. Walk the turtle with impressions made of trust and belief, as we feel the touch of grace uplifting one another with admiration and true desire.

Inspired by my love Justine ✝

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash