Vegas Baby Vodka — There’s a New Spirit in Town

Founder, Jennifer Higgins, and her partner Megan Wilkes, longtime friends and now neighbors, have lived in Las Vegas for over 50 years combined. Megan grew up in Las Vegas and after attending Bishop Gorman High School and UNLV, she married and raised three children. Jennifer grew up in Winter Park, Florida, graduated from Southern Methodist University, then married and raised three children.

In Las Vegas, with an abundance of energy and creativity, Jennifer and Megan began an adventure into a very competitive market not too often navigated by women. They wanted to bring a local, woman-owned business to Las Vegas and the thought of a spirit company intrigued these two fun, cosmo-loving, undaunted momtrepreneurs -Vegas Baby!

After trademarking the brand, months of work, taste-testing, critiquing, and decision-making ensued.This was followed by countless iterations of logos and labels and most importantly, creating the perfect vodka. A partnership with a boutique distillery in Bozeman, Montana, that shared like values and offered pure crisp mountain water was their true jackpot. Thus begun the adventure of Vegas Baby!

Vegas Baby Vodka is a premium vodka boldly representing the city in which it was born. Vegas BabyVodka is a quality spirit made from 100% non-gmo corn and is gluten free.

We are certain that Vegas Baby Vodka will enhance your Las Vegas experience whether you are physically here or just wishing you were!