Voice to Encourage


“Walk the Turtle” 1/1/2017


Anxieties and high expectations we have by convincing ourselves that we are in control of the moments in life is an illusion within the reality of circumstances.

Natures unpredictability, along with change as the constant, reminds our emotional intuitions that we are propelled into the burdens felt by the weight we carry.

We leave behind the remnants of our yesterdays held deep inside the hearts of our soul, tears we share by those we love is valued during times of uncertainty.

Examine the simplicity of our visions and listen to the guidance heard by the voice inside your faith, enter the passages unlocked for you and embrace the wonder.

Uplift another by the gift of compassion and belief, empower your spirit by planting the seed of hope inside the eyes of someone crying out in depths of silence.

Walk the turtle forward and leave a trail of inspiration and smiles, a comforting warmth of a simple hug, offer a helping hand along with a kind voice to encourage.


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