Voices on the Water


The ocean wore her silver lame dressing gown
Dancing under the lascivious moon
Tidal, carnal, moaning, crashing

The small house peered over the cliff
Past the tumble of massive black scarred boulders
And watched the heaving dance

Its amber windows glowed and quivered
Casting long fingered light onto the shore below
Illuminating the frantic ribbons of water clawing at the shore

She stood alone in the dark doorway of the little house and listened
Not for the tide
But for the voices on the water

From the boats anchored in the deep
Where whispered secrets carried for miles
From lovers huddled on gently rocking decks

And the wind brought her all the lies she’d already heard
From people she’d never know
And even if she’d wanted to, there was no way to warn them