We Will Never Struggle Alone


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Michael D. Aloia 6-28-2021

Silent struggles pierce into the winds of time, held by the currents of thought as it flows beyond the shores of sorrow.

Feelings withering from the branches of lies continue to trouble the soul’s truth of life, hidden from the light by shadows of our past. Our moments of love are gifts that will last as our memories pass.

Scenes of beauty with colors of night shine upon our spirits as we walk towards the light; holding hands with comfort and warmth, closing our eyes and opening our hearts; becoming grateful that we were born.

Walking the turtle with grace and hope, knowing our distance is close as we go forward together in this point of life as we uplift each other, knowing we will never struggle alone. ✝

Inspired by Justine SueHaley 💘

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash