Weight Loss Wednesday: A Little Help from a Friend

Another Wednesday has gone by and I’m getting closer and closer to getting back on track. I’ve been making some plans on how to attack this beast, here is what I have so far.

Step one: Get better Food in the House

If there is no crap in the house to eat, then you won’t eat it. Bottom line getting rid of some of that temptation will help you make better choices in the long run. I have a food addiction so battling that along with trying not to be lazy in the winter has been a real problem for me, which is why I gained weight the last few months. So, getting better food in the house helps me not to binge eat on bad foods, in turn making the gain worse.


Step two: Get Moving

Getting back into the swing of the gym is also a little tough, I haven’t been in months… I know my body is out of shape. I know how hard that can be the first couple of days until you get into your groove… So, I bought myself a little christmas present to help motivate me. These Studio Beats Headphones are noise canceling and GOLD, if that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will.


The deal is I can’t use them unless I go to the gym, or use them to take a walk etc. It’s all powered by movement.


Step Three: Supplements

Some people are really skeptical about supplements, and I can’t blame you there. However, doing some research, and getting yourself educated on products will never hurt you. I found some all-natural supplements made up of natural vitamins and minerals that I truly believe will help me. I have a really hard time burning through the weight; when I was working out 5 days a week and eating healthy, in the time it took my friend to lose 50 pounds I was barely down 20. I was shaping up nicely but the scale was just NOT moving. I think by incorporating some of these amazing supplements from @NoLimitSupplements it’ll make a huge difference in my weight-loss.

I will, of course, keep you guys posted in how the process is coming along, and how they are working. So far I’ve picked up three bottles to try… I have the Burner bottle, CLA, and Weight Loss which all seemed to scream at me from the site.


Disclaimer: All ideas, opinions, and writings are my own honest opinions. I am not being paid by any person(s) or company(s) to promote or sponsor products. Some products are sent to me for review, consideration, to test and try, if I like them/or if they work well in testing I will give my testimony on how they work or perform.


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