What Do I Do With All This Idle Time?

This certainly is an unprecedented and challenging time. It’s something that we have never experienced in our entire lives. With the coronavirus, most people are stuck in their homes. The term everyone is using is “social distancing.” Social distancing is very difficult because as human beings, we are designed to have social interaction with one another.

For those of you that know me, I challenge myself and others to look for positive in what may seem like a negative situation. So while most people are hanging out at home, unfortunately, this leads to a lot of idle time. How do we take this time and turn it into a positive? What do we learn from all this and how can we improve ourselves? Keep in mind, life happens to us both good and bad, we get to decide how to RESPOND to it. This applies not only to what we are going through right now, it applies to everyday living. Here are some good positive choices to make.

1). Look at the Big Picture

I’ve always been a ‘big picture’ thinker. Let me encourage you to do the same. You will find that it puts everything into perspective. Focus on the solution, not the problem. Every time you’re feeling pessimistic or hopeless, take out your big, wide angle lens and look beyond this difficult time.

What we all are going through right now will soon pass. We will look back and truly be thankful that we got through it. It’s important to keep this frame of mind.

2) Take This Time to Take Care of You

At the beginning of this year, most of us made New Year’s resolutions. Now is the time to look back at them and make a commitment to follow through. Schedule some time each day to exercise. Make sure you are eating healthy. Before you go to bed each evening, have five minutes of gratitude time. Take a hot bath. If you have access to a pool, go for a swim. The weather is starting to get warmer, spend some time laying in the sun. Take care of yourself, you are worth it.

3) Do the Things You Said You Never Had Time for

Now, we can all relate to this. How many of you have said this, “I would love to do ‘such and such,’ if I only had the time”?  Well, here you go, your time has come. Perhaps for a long time, you have thought of playing a musical instrument or picking up that instrument again.  It could also be writing a book, taking on a new task, learning a new hobby, or learning a new skill. This is the perfect time to do any one of those things.

4) Develop the Knowledge and Skills to Become Better at Your Current Occupation

None of us have arrived, and we all have areas that we can improve on in our current profession. Look for ways to gain more knowledge. Study your craft. Take this time to find people who are in life where you want to be, reach out to them and learn as much as you possibly can. Choose to become better through all of this.

5) Look at the Positive

The worst thing that you can possibly do at this point is watch news around the clock. The only thing that you are going to find there is constant negativity. If you notice, it’s breaking negative news all day long. All this does is cause fear and panic.

Start focusing on the positive things. Yes, people have contracted the virus, but most people will get better. You will not hear that on the news. Throughout all of this, there are a lot of positive stories. Let’s talk about all the wonderful work that everyone in the medical field is doing along with the hard work that’s being done by our first responders, truck drivers, and grocery store workers. There are a lot of wonderful stories out there that will keep you uplifted.

6) Always Be Thankful

No matter what we go through, there is always something to be thankful for. This is a time to count your blessings. I’m talking about all the things that you may have overlooked, forgotten, or even taken for granted.

Make a list of the many things you are thankful for. Be grateful for the people in your lives, the places you have been, and the things that have filled your life with comfort and joy.

We will get through this stronger and better than ever. Keep in mind, we are all truly blessed. During this time, reach out to others, help those who need it, and encourage one another. Focus on the positive at all times and have an amazing day!

Be blessed.


Regional Sales Manager RMS