What to Watch for When House Hunting


Touring potential properties can be fun. You get to envision a new life for yourself in every home you visit — and seeing all the decor and style choices is exciting, too.

But it’s also easy to get swept up in that excitement. Remember: You’re making a huge decision, and letting your guard down could mean big problems down the road.

Are you currently hunting for a new place? Want to make sure you choose the right one? Watch for these red flags next time you’re on a tour.

Lots of Fresh Paint

Repainting before selling is normal, but if there are large swaths of the walls or ceilings that seem to have heavy layers of paint, it could be an attempt to cover something up. Be especially wary of ceiling cover-ups, as they could conceal water damage and deeper problems.

Sloppy Renovations

Has the place obviously been renovated recently? If so, you’ll want to find out if the work was permitted and done professionally. Otherwise, you could have extensive repairs down the road.

Below-Market Pricing

Does the price seem too good to be true? It could indicate that lots of repairs or updates are needed. We can discuss comparable properties and pricing in the area to determine market rates.

Sold “As Is”

If a property is being marketed this way, it means the seller knows there are issues with the property but is unwilling to make the repairs. You may want to get multiple inspections before buying a home like this to get an idea of any issues and what you’ll need to repair.

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