What’s the Story?



During a recent conversation with Beatrice Davis, 2017 winner of the Bibo (Beauty In Beauty Out) Reflection Award and consultant to the stars, she talked about how important it is to define your story if you want to get an interview or speaking engagement. Beatrice expressed her concern for authors and artists that don’t understand what their story is.

“How can I represent them if they don’t have a story?” Davis asks.

Davis insists that artists must refine their stories so they can find outlets that will take an interest in them. You have to have something to sell. And it’s not your book, painting or music according to Davis. It’s YOU. And if you can’t sell you, she can’t either. The reality is, if you don’t have a story surrounding whatever your passion is, it is going to be hard to get an interview, representation, speaking engagements or a walk on the Red Carpet.

Besides her current company, Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Davis has enjoyed  a very successful career as a tour manager, entertainment coordinator and consultant for athletes and artists including B.B. King, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli, Elton John, Common (she has a great story about developing Common’s story) Will Smith, Ice and many more including former basketball player Dennis Rodman.

Does everyone have a story? At LeRue Press, we think so. In 2015, What’s the Story?™ launched to encourage storytelling of all kinds from business people or non-profit organizers to entertainers. We already had the Book Hound Radio Show (2012) for emerging and best-selling authors so it was a natural progression to add a show that would encourage storytelling from any vantage point.

So, What’s the Story? Do you have one? Are you ready to share it?


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