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drew-2I want to welcome a friend and fellow Comedian/Actor, Drew Howard, to the BTS Entertainment Corner. We’ve been working together for several years now. He had a radio show at the same internet station I had “BTS Radio Show” and when his show was winding down, he became the producer of my show.

Drew has been in several Bengleton Socks web series episodes, BTS on the Road, the short films Two go in…one comes out. A Socumentary, and he played the lead role in Dine with the Devil. When Drew’s not performing or acting, he’s hosting trivia or working on projects for Drew Howard Entertainment. He’s also produced comedy shows at Ms. Roses in West Ashley for over 3 years, featuring nationally touring comedians and most of the shows have been sell outs. Drew is one of the auxiliary judges for the NSAEN Online Film Festival which is starting it’s 3rd season and he has been there from the beginning.

Welcome Drew, I’ve known you for a while but my readers haven’t, can you tell them how you got started in the “business”?

Well, I’ve always had an ability to make people laugh. I was kind of a class clown in elementary school, and as I grew older, friends and family told me I should try comedy. After years of thinking about their advice, I signed up for the Stand-Up Contest at Theatre 99 in Charleston and fell in love with the stage. I started going to open mics, did another contest with Dave Ugly, who introduced me to Tony Kemp, and things just went from there.

You just finished your first short that you shot, starred in, edited and produced. How was the experience? What did you learn from the process of making Snow Day?

In January of 2018, there was a freak snowstorm that hit Charleston. I was “snowed in” at my apartment, and this was around the time we were working on Two Go In, so I was kind of thinking in a film creation way. I just got the camera out and started filming. Within about five minutes, I had the idea for Snow Day. I recorded the raw footage, then kind of put it on the back burner.

When we were making Dine With The Devil, Brian (T Shirley) and I discussed the idea, and I basically asked for Brian’s blessing to make a Bengleton. Brian gave me the green light and after a few days of editing in my spare time, Snow Day finally came together.

Making Snow Day taught me not to wait next time I want to take a chance on a new or different venture. It sat on my camera for over a year before I finally had the courage to finish it.

Stand-Up, Improv, Radio show host/producer, Trivia Host, Acting, now filmmaking. Do you have a favorite or do you just enjoy them all, especially whatever you’re currently doing?

Honestly, I enjoy whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment. It was a natural progression. Friends I made from Stand-Up were doing radio, so I went on their show and met Boyd and Brad. They were looking for more content, so my radio shows were born. Improv and trivia were the same way. I host trivia the most, currently four nights a week.

As you grow as an entertainer, has your vision for your career changed any? I know mine has, it seems to be a natural progression.

I don’t know if it’s so much the vision for my career changing, or if it’s just the way the world is changing. Entertainment used to be a very controlled environment. A few gatekeepers at the top decided where your career path went. Even cable and satellite didn’t change the landscape like streaming and video on demand has. Now, it’s become easier for creators and entertainers to connect with their audience, but the audiences have become smaller and more niche. You find a more passionate and supportive audience this way,

I know you’re working on some new projects, can you share any of them with our audience and where can they find your stuff? 

I can’t say much at the moment, but a teaser trailer is coming very soon, based off a South Carolina legend. I’m very excited for this because it is the most ambitious endeavor that I’ve embarked on. Be sure to check out Drew Howard Comedy on Facebook and @entertainmentDH on Twitter. I’ll post the trailer on there first.

Bengleton Socks Snow Day is currently in festival submissions, but a public screening will take place sometime over the summer, and hopefully it will be available online and streaming by the end of 2019. And there’s a list of Bengleton ideas that, fingers crossed, Brian, Lance (Morrison), and I can make in the near future.

I must say it’s been really cool to watch you grow in all these different aspects of your career and personal life. You just got married to a very wonderful and supportive lady. How has she been there for you through all of this?

Summer is amazing.  She is very supportive of all that I do.  She works the door for the Ms. Rose’s Comedy Hour, she’s always the first to see whatever I’m working on and there for me to bounce ideas off of.

Is there any advice…warnings you have for those entertainers just starting out or even some of old crusty dogs still out here running the road?

Be flexible.  And “no comment.”

Drew can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/DrewHowardComedy drew-howard-ent-logo









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Comedian Brian T Shirley has been in the Business for 20 + years. His act is derived from growing up poor, divorce, the USAF, partying, relationships, infomercial's, sports, and more. He has performed all over the U.S., Canada,The Bahamas and Japan. He also works Country Clubs and corporate events all over the U.S. He has done special engagements such as a tour of Japan to entertain the troops, opening for Huey Lewis and The News, The "Laughter for Love" benefit for Va. Tech, & a Country music festival for Dodge trucks. Brian has performed @ The Jokers Wild Comedy Club inside the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island,The Bahamas & for Carnival Cruise Lines. Brian is also a philosopher.he's written 2 books of wisdom &wise sayings called "Make Love Not Warts", and "Four Score and Seven Beers Ago..." (Which recently won the "Amazing Book Cover Art Award" in a contest sponsored by LeRue Press) BRIAN"S THIRD BOOK , "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club" contains short stories about his life on the road as a professional comedian. Brian has created and hosts a WEB Series about being a stand-up comedian on the road called "BTS On The Raod" which can be seen on Youtube, American Hearts Radio WEB TV Network every Saturday @ 8 PM EST and in the online magazine No Strings Attached-E News. Brian's a weekly guest host on a segment called "BTS Entertainment Corner" on Janice Hermsen's radio program "What's The Story" every Friday @ 2:30 PM EST on www.americamattersmedia.com Brian also co-hosts a monthly radio show on The Lina Jones Diamond Network called "The Lina and Brian Hour". Brian has done Voice over work for the award winning WEB Series "U.S.E." (2014) and the feature film "Inside Ben" (2016) and he's a main character in the animated feature "Professor Gravitron Saves The Universe" (2016).