Why CBD May Be All You Need to Save Your Sex Life


Description: With all the benefits CBD has brought to the medical world, people wonder if it has some benefits to healthy sex life. And they are right! Bedroom matters seem to be quite sensitive, and if not correctly handled, it can lead to break-ups between well-suited partners. Well, now there is hope. CBD has come to your rescue.

There is nothing as daunting as not being able to satisfy your partner sexually. It leads to both of you being stressed about it. But then again, what is a healthy sex life? In a nutshell, it is when both partners in a sexual relationship are catered sexually. Furthermore, no one is left unsatisfied after every encounter. Cowards will, however, take to their heels, but the ones who love and care for you will stick with you to find a solution.

Here’s the silver lining: CBD works, and below, you will see how.

Properties of CBD that attribute to a healthy sex life

Experts who have been researching CBD benefits, in general, have come up with several very excellent properties that fit right into a healthy sexual life. And they are as follows:

  • CBD decreases inflammation
  • It improves gut health
  • Calms down the nerves
  • Enhances sleep
  • It is a mood booster

There is no doubt that all the benefits named above fit one way or another into having a healthy sex life. For example, when you take a closer look at the common root causes of sexual related issues such as premature ejaculation, you will find common triggers. These may be stress, performance, anxiety, or pain due to inflammation. And when you connect the dots, you can see how CBD products can come in handy.

With that, let’s take a closer look at exactly how CBD oil can sort out these bedroom issues.

CBD is a Natural Aphrodisiac

Do you know that feeling after you just bite a chunk of your favorite chocolate? Well, with CBD, you experience the same but with more intensity. It takes up the position of enhancing your desires, in this case, sexually. It can be ingested through edibles, smoked, vaped, or applied topically as a cream. When used topically, the CBD and THC active vasodilators in the cream dilate your blood vessels. This then gives way to fresh oxygenated blood to flow smoothly. And this consequently increases arousal and stimulation.

CBD is a Natural Pain Reliever

CBD is known to be very useful in the pain-relieving sector. This helps a lot in restoring a healthy sex life to someone who steers clear from sexual intercourse due to chronic discomfort as a result of pain or inflammation. Some women are affected by vaginal dryness, which can cause cuts and bruises if they dare try penetration during sexual coitus. In this case, they can use CBD lube or the best CBD massage oil.

CBD is a Mood Stabilizer

When a healthy sex life is disrupted with sudden shifts of mood like anxiety, a CBD dosage might do the trick. The cannabinoids work directly on your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a web of receptors that aid in the sexual input of the immune system, nervous system, and other body organs. When these receptors are stimulated, they have a ripple effect by spurring an anti-anxiety sense, consequently calming the nerves and clearing the head. And as we all know, a calm, relaxed mind is part and parcel of healthy sex life.

CBD Amplifies the Sensations

The cannabinoid receptors in the female reproductive system are very vital in sexual performance in women. When a woman then uses a CBD oil, the receptors are amplified to feel more sensations in the vulva, vagina, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. They then make it possible for women to enjoy sex to a whole new level, achieving orgasms at the end.

Men also benefit from the usage of CBD oils, especially if their healthy sex life is disadvantaged due to erectile dysfunction. With the increased blood flow and increased nerve sensation as aforementioned, they can perform better in bed.

CBD Increases Sex Drive

Without having to deal with anxiety, pain, or other conditions CBD oils fix, there is a reported increase in sexual desire in both men and women. Fear that one might not satisfy their partner, or feel pain in the process is wholly eradicated. With that, it is evident that there is a significant boost in libido, which leads to healthy sex life. 

How to Use CBD Oil in the Bedroom

How to use CBD oil in the bedroom varies, and it is all up to the couple to decide which suits them better. But the most common ways are:

  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Topical through massage creams and oils
  • Sprays
  • Edibles like cookies, chocolate, candies, and cakes.

Take Away

Healthy sex life between couples is significant. And as seen by the use of CBD oils, it can bring back the joy of sex for a couple who have been facing a few challenges. No one has to suffer through unnecessary pains or embarrassments while there is a cure. There is no shame in this, and if this is you, CBD oil is the way. Get one and get your sex game on. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below.

Author’s Bio: Chele has been a certified sex therapist for almost a decade now. She strives to inform people about bedroom issues and assure them not to worry as it can get fixed. 

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