Women’s March Worldwide

“We are the world and we are the change”

By Beatrice Davis Managing Editor Chicago


Never in my life would I have thought that I would participate in a demonstration.  Until now, I stayed away from demonstrations.  They were neither my cause or I had excuses; it is too cold, too hot, my schedule didn’t permit, or it wasn’t something as earth shattering as what we are facing today.

Now I feel compelled to share my experience not only with my friends and colleagues, but also with you, the NSAEN’s reader.


The Women’s March has certainly changed my mind about demonstrations.  I am still surprised that I actually took the initiative to register, and prepare myself and even invite friends to join me. The first time I heard about the March, was through my friend Martina, who, signed up to be a Marshall for the event. She emailed me all details and the purpose of the March.   After I finished reviewing the information, something stood out that made me re-think and realize that this was not something I could shy away from.  I knew I had to support “Women’s Rights and Planned Parenthood”.  Many years ago, and I mean many years ago, I had no health insurance and had to rely on Planned Parenthood.  When I went to the Planned Parenthood Clinic, without hesitation, they treated with dignity and became my place of support for about three years.  Had I not been able to access such a medical facility, my healthcare to this day might have been jeopardized.

We now live in a society that many of us could not even fathom before this last election: not only the necessity of a demonstration, but one that would unite millions of women.  On January 21st we women marched together with dignity and purpose.   We did something historic that men collectively have been unable to do.  They have gone to war in great numbers; they are the majority at the helm of top positions in government; they have written laws that have affected the world both positively and negatively. But, they have never come together like we as women did to voice our stand for a fair and just system.

We showed the world that we can and we will fight for our rights; for our freedom of choice over our own body and, the right to accessible and affordable healthcare for all.  We reached out to our sisters in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Australia and England. They came to us with open arms in the hundreds of thousands.  The list and the count are still growing.  Together we accomplished the unthinkable, uniting not only a nation, but the world.  We were marching for every child, woman, minority, disabled, Black, White, Asian, and Latinos and we marched for the freedom of religious choice.


We marched together like bold warriors.  Our voices resonated with a cry for justice.  No arrests were made.  We marched with the dignity and example that Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King did through non-violence as, no arrests were made nor were there any significant or insignificant incidences.

Where do we go from here?   We have proven that we are stronger united.  Do we look to the “National Organization for Women, League for Women’s Voters, and the Association for Women’s Rights” and other strong traditional organizations, or do we look towards local communities that are more accessible, whatever direction you take, consider it your right and your duty to stand in truth.

You can continue to strengthen the support for all women by finding an organization close to where you live by using Facebook, Google or other media outlets and share this information with your friends. This is an amazing movement.  Together we can stand strong and long and prove to the world that our voice is louder and stronger than those who oppose the services that we are entitled to as women and as human beings.

“We are the world and we are the change”