Xavier Mortimer’s THE DREAM MAKER at the Strat

About Xavier Mortimer’s THE DREAM MAKER

Enchanting French performer Xavier Mortimer takes center stage in Xavier Mortimer’s THE DREAM MAKER, combining elements of magic, comedy, drama, and illusion at the Strat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Xavier has performed in more than 30 countries and recently was starring in Cirque du Soleil’s production, Michael Jackson One.

He was the first Cirque troupe performer to launch a headlining residency on the Las Vegas Strip with the premiere of the show in 2016. I attended media night this week for the launch of his new show at the Strat.  Now with a large stage in which he can really show off his skills, this is sure to be a huge hit.  Funny, serious, spellbinding, comical, and thorough entertaining I loved the show. It was written and directed by fellow French superstar, Alex Goude, and long-time legendary Vegas headliner, Michael Goudeau. Allie Sparks performs alongside Mortimer as Belle, portraying his dream girl and love interest.

Great for all ages, please see this show. Fans may follow Xavier Mortimer on Twitter and Instagram or like Xavier Mortimer on Facebook.  Show Thursday thru Monday at 6 p.m. starting at $39.00.  I will go back a few more times!

Instagram: @XavierMortimer, @STRATVegas

Facebook: @XavierMortimerVegas, @STRATVegas