You Are Loved


“Walk the Turtle” 1/23/2016


Patience and to be still inside the mind is a practice needed in order to allow the heart to not be troubled during moments of uncertainty and frustrations we face.

Our expectations of what will transpire during the unveiling of circumstances may not occur the way we perceive; humble yourself and trust for the best outcome.

Our spirit is filled with desires and dreams, for those desires and dreams to be met and fulfilled by the love of a soulmate is a blessing felt with a deep ray of truth.

Each moment spent alone gives us time needed to seek wisdom and knowledge about ourselves; contentment and gratitude is met inside mind, body, and soul.

A calm voice along with a smile will bring a detachment from aggravations and negative vibrations; harnessing the flow of positive influences will engage change.

Walk the turtle with understanding and commitment to your heart, respect the transformations of the idled mind as you close your eyes and realize you are loved.


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