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Your Hand in Heaven

“Walk the Turtle” 12/10/2018


Transcending beyond the realm of the flesh with infinite existence among our Universe, we travel into the unknown without any boundaries known.

Consistence of prayer within the harmony of angelic kingdoms, we have visions of joy and peace given to our souls by the heart of our creator’s word.

No longer blind to any aspects of purpose or pain, fragile wings are broken and torn among the crown of thorns; humble souls are forever laid to rest.

Fortune and fame among the broken and lost, we reach out our hands to them as we give the compassion and hope–He lights the torch and guides.

A grace of contentment is felt as it flows deep inside the feelings hidden inside ourselves, it is a belief heard by our voices whispering to our hearts.

A powerful bond held by a complete spiritual connection is granted to the chosen kindred that communicate to each other by tuning into the silence.

Walk the turtle embracing our perceptions of vision, our dream frequencies infuse the memories of true love and desire to hold your hand in Heaven.

I love you Brittany Danielle Withers. Jesus holds us close to each other, baby, as we bring the hearts of the world together by God’s grace.