No Strings Attached-ENews is an online magazine challenging and changing the outlook on world issues, trends, and interesting stories from around the globe by readers and writers just like you and me; we share and set a fresh new way of communication.

We publish information to share knowledge, facts, statistics, information, stories from around the world, news, and tips.


The NSAEN Online Film Festival was created to bring together filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work in an exclusively online format.

Recognizing that online is the new way of watching movies, news, and television series, the NSAEN team wanted to reach out and create a new movement in the world of entertainment and independent film with a concept that recognizes the new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity and produce fresh, standout entertainment. The NSAEN Film Festival invites both seasoned and new filmmakers and film professionals from around the world to submit entries for their exceptional online film festival.

We recognize there is a growing community of disabled filmmakers and we enthusiastically invite you to participate in our inaugural festival.

Cheers to the Warriors is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization thats primary mission is providing financial assistance through monetary grants to U.S. veterans who have been injured in combat.


As our magazine is exclusively online, we thought this was a perfect pairing, taking our magazine and your films to new heights and into new hearts. Our aim with the magazine, and thus the film festival, is to promote stories that perhaps are not so mainstream, offer different opinions, other cultures, and independent ideas the chance to be seen on a global level.

Being an artist is a passionate endeavor and we invite you to take this journey with us.

Shami Media Group is a company that distributes media content worldwide through cable TV, mobile, online digital platform, airlines and physical outlets.


Our aim is to bring together a diverse spectrum of films from around the world to celebrate human creativity and the technological developments that allow us to share our visions and viewpoints in the digital age. Be part of this exciting project!


The NSAEN Film Festival recognizes the commonality of the human experience as a global phenomenon, and is reaching out to friends and organizations we hope will want to be a part of our annual event centered around community outreach and growth for all involved. Be part of this exciting project!