Lost Spirits in AREA15

Winston Fisher, the chief executive officer of AREA15, said Lost Spirits is a dream-like tasting experience.

What Does it Take to Develop a Winning Mindset?

You will benefit the most from this article when you… Ponder on each of the following exercises and write down your answers.

Raise Your Standards in Life

Make the decision to raise your standards in all phases of life and become the very best YOU that you can be. 

Rocking Out With Thomas Claxton

In this episode of the director's chair, Jonathan is joined by touring rock artist Thomas Claxton.

Mobbed Up- Live Podcast After the 11 Episodes

This is a great summary of the previous 11 podcasts we have written about, hosted last week from The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

New Restaurants at CIRCA Las Vegas

CIRCA,  the new downtown hotel opening late October, will have a host of new restaurants. 

R.I.P. Alan Parker

Sir Alan Parker made his exit on July 31, 2020. He was more than a filmmaker extraordinaire. The gentleman was knighted in 2014 for services to business, charitable giving and philanthropy.

SHIFTER: Out Today on VOD!

SHIFTER follows a young woman who experiences painful and gruesome side effects after experimenting with time travel. 

4 Tips for Buying and Selling at Once

The idea of purchasing a new place can be exciting. But if you’re already a homeowner, you may need someone to buy your current home before you can commit to a new one.

While We’re Social Distancing, What’s Happening to Fashion?

I can’t be the only one with heels on timeout, and with boutiques largely still closed to the public, one has to ask: What have been the effects of COVID-19 on the fashion industry? 


Perspectives on Sentencing

District Judge Joe Hardy Jr., of the Eighth Judicial District Court, Department 15, discusses his campaign to retain his seat and offers insight into sentencing.

Striking The Delicate Balance Between Hospitality And Security

This unimaginable tragedy and its aftermath led to national speculation on whether hotels are being diligent enough in providing security. Where is the balance between hospitality and increased security?

Live Coverage of Discipline Hearing Brought Against a Juvenile Hearing Master

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline allowed Alexander Falconi of "Our Nevada Judges" to provide rare, comprehensive coverage of a disciplinary hearing brought against a Juvenile Hearing Master.

Should Spectators Who Do Not Have Any Tie to a Case Be Allowed to Sit in the Courtroom During the Trial?

Yes, and Judge Judy explains the reasons as to why better than anyone else ever could.

Our Nevada Judges

Alex Falconi's approach at scrutinizing the judiciary is making headway as for the first time...

Falconi v. Secretary of State

Alex is married and a father of one son. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in...



Lost Spirits in AREA15

Winston Fisher, the chief executive officer of AREA15, said Lost Spirits is a dream-like tasting experience.

“The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler

Evil is vividly depicted in “The Big Sleep”, but the author never lapses into excess.  The result is a very enjoyable read, even for readers who are not big fans of mystery or detective fiction. 

Reach Out to the Drowning

We reach out to the ones drowning among the crashing waves and pull them into the light of warmth by giving our whole heart.

Transcend Above the Storms

Peace is felt each time we triumph and prevail through every struggle we experience as we close another chapter of this journey we each have alone.

Why One Should Listen to Their Dreams

But it was only after I began to write stories, a children’s book, and then a book featuring teenagers for adult consumption did I realize that maybe I hadn’t followed my own advice.  Perhaps the adage, follow your dreams meant something completely different.  

A Loving Embrace for Humanity

As a new dawn draws closer our fragility becomes more clear.


Pet Stories

Bucky and Freddie’s Dilemma

The great news is that we placed a record number of pets in wonderful homes these past few weeks, but there are two little gentlemen that cause me to worry.

Life in the Doghouse Screening and Event

Contact Info: doghousepr250@gmail.com (404)-751-7683 On Thursday, May 9th, 2019, SCAD Film and Television department students taking...

Three Hopeful Hearts

The seasons are changing here in my hometown of Huntington Beach. The cold weather we experienced this winter is slowly changing...


Special Events

Struck A Nerve

I shook my head and replied, “I make it a point of not discussing politics in the presence of my siblings.”