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Extravaganza: Amazing New Show at Bally’s

Beautiful acts with amazing grace, along with comedy, images of Frank, Elvis and Marilyn with their hit songs, will amaze you.  

“Losing My Leg Was a Gift”

It is with this mindset that 50 Legs gladly provides quality prosthetic legs to children, adults, and military wishing to live an active lifestyle.

iLuminate Fabulous New Show at the STRAT

iLuminate™ is the ultimate Vegas night out and the most fun you’ll ever have seeing the group named “Best New Act in America” by America’s Got Talent.

4 Top Sales Secrets

Enjoy yourself and let your prospects see that you really enjoy what you are doing. If you have a lot of fun, they are going to respond much more positively.

Dolce & Chianti — Marvelous Dining in Las Vegas

Hottest new spot in Las Vegas! Dolce & Chianti is the most beautifully decorated restaurant I have seen in a long time. Located on the west side.

DOLPHIN ISLAND Coming to DVD on August 1

Shot entirely in The Bahamas, DOLPHIN ISLAND is a family-focused film about a girl, her dolphin, and the power of family.

6 Convenient Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Beauty Routine

The herbal supplement is devoid of side effects and might induce anti-inflammatory effects on your body. Also, the extracts seep into the skin cells and lock in more moisture. 

R.I.P. to Richard Donner

Although known for his blockbuster movies, Donner had a softer side that he often had to fight for. Some of his smaller films were personal projects that the studios did not know how to market.

Fear Street Trilogy — Movie Review

What makes the Fear Street trilogy so entertaining is the mystery, the magic the director and writers have weaved, and a very engaging cast.

What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

It’s also worth noting that if the particular business you’re wanting to buy from doesn’t accept your cryptocurrency, you can have it exchanged for gift cards and use those.


Perspectives on Sentencing

District Judge Joe Hardy Jr., of the Eighth Judicial District Court, Department 15, discusses his campaign to retain his seat and offers insight into sentencing.

Striking The Delicate Balance Between Hospitality And Security

This unimaginable tragedy and its aftermath led to national speculation on whether hotels are being diligent enough in providing security. Where is the balance between hospitality and increased security?

Live Coverage of Discipline Hearing Brought Against a Juvenile Hearing Master

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline allowed Alexander Falconi of "Our Nevada Judges" to provide rare, comprehensive coverage of a disciplinary hearing brought against a Juvenile Hearing Master.

Should Spectators Who Do Not Have Any Tie to a Case Be Allowed to Sit in the Courtroom During the Trial?

Yes, and Judge Judy explains the reasons as to why better than anyone else ever could.

Our Nevada Judges

Alex Falconi's approach at scrutinizing the judiciary is making headway as for the first time...

Falconi v. Secretary of State

Alex is married and a father of one son. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in...



Extravaganza: Amazing New Show at Bally’s

Beautiful acts with amazing grace, along with comedy, images of Frank, Elvis and Marilyn with their hit songs, will amaze you.  

Carry the Light of Healing

Walk the turtle with the assurance of being prepared to endure all aspects of difficulty without feelings of insecurity or fears, knowing we carry the light of healing.

Dogs — If Only They Could Live Forever

Thanks to all the people that have posted and drawn these lovely expressions about our pets.

Ah, the Life of Pets

A few pet cartoons to brighten your day!

The Blessings of Being Together

Walk the turtle with each turning point and ride the whispering winds of time with gratitude for the blessings of being together.

And It’s the Dogs Again!

Let's give a thanks to all the great dog sayings in this post.


Pet Stories

How to Feed Your Insectivorous Lizards

If you’re wondering how to feed your lizard live insects with care, don’t worry— this article will answer all your queries!

Bucky and Freddie’s Dilemma

The great news is that we placed a record number of pets in wonderful homes these past few weeks, but there are two little gentlemen that cause me to worry.

Life in the Doghouse Screening and Event

Contact Info: (404)-751-7683 On Thursday, May 9th, 2019, SCAD Film and Television department students taking...


Special Events


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