Bernard Moore, Ph.D. Discusses His Family History and the Importance of Discovering One’s Own...

As a historian and genealogist, Dr. Moore's personal family history will hopefully empower others to begin to discover that which will lead to the truth.

Meet the Quintessential Artist Osiris Munir

Under the umbrella of Ankh Entertainment, Osiris launched an entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle talk show titled “15 minutes”, which instantly became a YouTube sensation.

MATT FRASER — America’s Top Psychic Medium

Psychic mediums can connect the physical and spiritual worlds by delivering messages from spirits on the other side. Matt Fraser is "America's Top Psychic Medium" and best-selling author.

Fashion Model, Voice Actress, Gamer, and Real Estate Guru Sulavon Bollinger

Take a closer look at how what’s meant to be isn’t often delivered as a linear path, but is often a culmination of experience, multi-talents, and perseverance...

From Desperation to Leading the Nation, RW Jones Launches The WEALTHFAIR Tour and...

With a journey as remarkable as her mission, Jones is creating sustainable solutions to the poverty crisis that enable and empower single mothers and families to BE the change.

From Registered Nurse to Unexpected Widow, Debra Page from Powerless to Empress

That’s not all—Page became the Founder and President of Woman Emerged and Creator of the High Five I Am Program, which empowers women to emerge from feeling trapped to unleashed, from ‘Powerless to Empress.’

Neal Portnoy “Don Rickles with a Pen”

There is no end to Neal's talent!  This larger-than-life personality is a comic, an entertainer, and a talented artist.  If you've been "Portnoyed" and included in Neal's distinguished collection, o

R.I.P. to Richard Donner

Although known for his blockbuster movies, Donner had a softer side that he often had to fight for. Some of his smaller films were personal projects that the studios did not know how to market.

Interview with Paolo Montagni of Great Mountain International Records

As we chat with him about his role as a judge with JB Dondolo, Inc.’s “Music For Water” campaign we find out about his incredible outlook on life. 

The Blueman PAPI OJO

The self-taught dancer from Nigeria talks to us about how he ended up teaching African dance moves to Rhianna, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé.




The feature debut of director Warren Skeels, "The Man in the White Van" is a gripping exploration of terror, paranoia, and the fragility of security in a place where darkness lurks beneath the surface.