Meet Greece’s Top Female Talent Booker! Maggie Kalomvosaki

NSAEN reached out for a special interview with one of Greece’s top female talent bookers.

How do you consider your approach to booking talent different from or better than those of your peers and direct competitors?

I consider myself a professional person with an understanding of how a businessperson should operate with respect, trust, ethics, and promptly. Over the years, I established a reputation with all the big talent agencies and managers handling big acts. My work ethic and experience guarantee a professional execution of booking and considering special requests to ensure the artist receives what they require to put on a powerful show. I strive to say that I work differently from some of my competitors; my clients trust me due to my work ethic, timely responses, leadership, and respectful attitude. All my clients are satisfied and consistently return.

You are based in Athens, Greece; do you provide access to talent worldwide, or do you mainly stick with the European and Middle East markets? 

My clients are worldwide, and my reach is limitless. An excellent Rolodex gives me access to every need and desired request.

Your agency has worked with many high-profile talents. Who are one or two of your favorite performers you have worked with, and why? 

I can’t praise one artist enough: Toni Braxton. She performed for one of my clients in Dubai in 2017, and she is my favorite entertainer. Working with Drake was a pleasure as I booked him to perform in Riyadh last year (2020), but unfortunately, the event was canceled at the last minute due to COVID-19.

What would you consider to be some of the main highlights or accomplishments in your career as a talent broker so far? 

I established personal relationships over the years with all the talents, managers, and agencies worldwide. My professional attitude, kindness, respect, fast service, and ethical behavior all pay off in the end to establish my own “fame” as a broker!

As a female business owner, have you ever encountered challenges to your knowledge or skill by men in your industry? If so, how did you handle those situations?

I honestly can say with a big “No,” even though not many women in this part of the business do what I do. I have never encountered any challenges either in my country or abroad.

With the Covid lockdowns, the event industry was hit incredibly hard. What have you done over the last year to continue connecting with your performers, clients, and audience?

Like many of us in the business, I used the tools already available, the social media platforms. It allowed me to connect with my old clients and simultaneously develop new contacts and new clients. Unfortunately, most projects are still slowly progressing despite being out of the pandemic. But this will change in 2024, and I expect many exciting adventures to be produced.

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