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Kelly Clinton– A True Las Vegas Star Has a New Venue!

“Of course, with Kelly, you can always expect surprises. She’s a kaleidoscope of talent, a staple of the Las Vegas entertainment community, and we are honored to have her at The Nevada Room.” 

Vegas Showroom Entertainment With Dates

These listings are all courtesy of MGM Resorts. A great thank you to them!

MGM Resorts All Shows Booked Through March 2022

All of these listings are courtesy of MGM Resorts and up to date.  Included are websites of where to purchase Come on out and take a great vacation in Las Vegas.

Banachek- Greatest Mentalist in the World

The “Mentalist of the Year” title was given to him for the second time, a great honor for the most globally renowned magicians and mentalists since 1968.

La Neta Cocina Is Now Open

This high-end eatery has the great team of Lanny Chin and Jordan Mendez, along with Ryan Labbe manning the place.  With high end tequilas, mescals, and plenty of top shelf liquor, the food was amazing. 

2021 Señoras and Señores Awards Gala

The Señoras of Excellence Señores of Distinction Awards Gala was created as a means of providing scholarships to deserving students in Southern Nevada.

Xavier Mortimer’s THE DREAM MAKER at the Strat

Enchanting French performer Xavier Mortimer takes center-stage in Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, combining elements of magic, comedy, drama and illusion at the Strat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Upcoming October 2021 Murder Mysteries

Jay Joseph and his Touch of Mystery are so fun to participate in. This time around they are at a new venue and with new actors!

WOW returns to the Rio-Water Spectacular

“WOW blends elements of an old-school Vegas variety show with modern staging and a soundtrack of familiar, beloved music for an immersive and intimate experience.”

Update on “An Evening with Whitney”




A Guide to Finding Your Lifelong Partner

However, making yourself ready to love when you find a partner is a much higher priority than actually finding one. Here is a simple guide on how to find your lifelong partner.