“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Jean-Dominique Bauby

Though it might all sound depressing, I found The Diving Bell to be inspiring. Many topics are explored, though two themes have struck me with special force.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your CBD Gummies Manufacturer

CBD gummies are a fantastic and easy way to get all the health benefits of Cannabidiol oils in an easy-to-digest format. However, they are largely unregulated, and you can't be 100% certain of their quality.

6 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using THC Vape Pens

When it comes to something as potent as THC, there's no such thing as too much caution. You should treat cannabis with the same respect as alcohol or hard drugs.

“Not I”, Said The Little Red Hen

Did you ever wonder who made up the color designations of blue for Democrats and red for Republicans?

Popular Methods and Solutions for Bird Control in Singapore

The bird control methods in Singapore are mostly non-invasive, which is great news for bird lovers! Here are some of them:

Top Men’s Fashion Trends Straight Off the Runway for Fall and Winter

We’ve got you covered as we’ve rounded up the hottest men’s fashion trends that are straight off the runways for fall and winter 2022.

Santayana’s Curse

In today’s polarized world, our real enemy is not each other but social media moguls, some in the news media, and some politicians, seeking to divide us for their own monetary greed and political aggrandizement.

The Living Lincoln:

And while I do not pooh-pooh such things, they do not prompt me to damn the memory of Lincoln, a la “cancel culture”; especially when I take into account his struggle against a form of racism that was a thousand times more oppressive and evil.

Let’s Cancel Cancel Culture Bullying…

Edmund Burke was the first to say that when good [people] do nothing, evil flourishes. Bullying, for any reason, even disguised as a safety issue, is oppressively evil. Silence to evil is assent. Assent ushers in tyranny.

Comma to Think of It

when I get excited about a topic (the cousin to that sentence is: any topic I write about excites me), I can, sometimes, get very long-winded and use a lot of commas.



I Am DB Cooper

I AM DB COOPER is directed by TJ Regan, and co-written by Regan and Sharmila Sahni. Two bounty hunter brothers encounter an ailing old man named Rodney Bonnifield while coordinating his bail after a violent encounter on a dairy farm involving a machete.