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Scene-By-Scene: No Pressure Plays Surprise Set

They were fast, melodic, and instant crowd-pleasers. With such an instant energy from the crowd, it's safe to say No Pressure is just in the infancy of its success.

The Batman – Movie Review

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has plenty of surprises in store. There’s not just one big reveal, there are several. This new iteration of Batman is a rousing welcome for comic book and graphic novel fans and should be seen on the big screen with plenty of concessions from the snack bar to prepare for the nearly three hour presentation.

Scene-by-Scene Show Review: Trash Talk at the Eagle Lodge

Legendary Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk played a surprise show at the Fraternal Order of Eagles’ Lodge in Burbank; overall, they carried insane energy for a surprise show. 

CODA — Movie Review

CODA is not artsy, mind bending or controversial. The film tells a simple story in a beautiful way and makes it very relatable.

Scene-By-Scene: Orange County

Although the true magic of the SoCal scene comes from the huge backyard show circuit, there are plenty of mosh-friendly venues where you can catch an array of performing artists.

X — Movie Review

X is a rollercoaster of a shocker that is outrageous, funny, dark and not for the faint of heart or prudes. You will also need a strong stomach and that’s not just referring to the gore.

Take 20 With Tom, Dan, and Roger Kabler

We had a fantastic time talking with Roger about his new movie “Being Robin”, among other things, as seen at the Savannah Comedy Revue.

Spotlight on “Belfast”

There is young love, a devotion to family and neighbors, intolerance, religion, and a wonderful lesson to be learned in Branagh’s melancholy look into the journey of a nine year-old boy, Buddy, and his Protestant family living in Northern Ireland all to the music of Van Morrison who also came from Belfast.

The TMG Interview–Aneil Karia

After his feature film, Surge, director Aneil Karia returned to a short film project and it seems to have paid off in terms of exposure and reward as The Long Goodbye, Karia’s collaboration with Riz Ahmed, is now nominated for Best Short Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

The TMG Interview–Gary Lane & Larry Lane

The film had an impact on twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane, who head the team behind Still Working 9 to 5, a new documentary about the making and legacy of the classic film.



Jenny Tinmouth: Dreams, Skills and Merit

Jennifer Rosanne Tinmouth (born 8 March 1978) is an English motorcycle racer and professional motorcycle stunt performer. Jenny is the fastest female to lap the Isle of Man TT course.