Comics on Parole SE 2 EP 15 ~ Ritch Shydner ~ *Special Re-Edit*

Comics on Parole Webtv Series hosted by: Dan Glazer Guests: Actor/Comedian Ritch Shydner.

The Green Knight — Movie Review

The story is not a thrilling adventure, but a melodic piece of poetry that some may find rambling and perplexing. A thinking man's nightmare of a fable. The Green Knight is not for everyone, but it is good soup for the soul of lovers of arthouse cinema.

Jolt — Movie Review

Jolt can be mindless fun. Not worth plunking down big bucks at a theater, but worth checking out in your living room on Amazon.

30 Coins — TV Review

30 Coins is only eight episodes and each one of them bears one surprise after another. If you’re looking for real frights and don’t have HBO Max, now is the time to subscribe.

Rare Beasts — Movie Review

Rare Beasts is achingly funny, heartfelt and far from poignant, but that’s what separates it from all the pablum posing as comedy.

Finding Kendrick Johnson

When the family hired their own Forensic Pathologist, not only did he find KJ’s organs missing from his body during the autopsy, he determined the cause of death to be from non-accidental blunt force trauma. To this day, no one knows where KJ’s organs have gone.. So what really happened to KJ?

Neal Portnoy “Don Rickles with a Pen”

There is no end to Neal's talent!  This larger-than-life personality is a comic, an entertainer, and a talented artist.  If you've been "Portnoyed" and included in Neal's distinguished collection, o

DOLPHIN ISLAND Coming to DVD on August 1

Shot entirely in The Bahamas, DOLPHIN ISLAND is a family-focused film about a girl, her dolphin, and the power of family.

R.I.P. to Richard Donner

Although known for his blockbuster movies, Donner had a softer side that he often had to fight for. Some of his smaller films were personal projects that the studios did not know how to market.

Fear Street Trilogy — Movie Review

What makes the Fear Street trilogy so entertaining is the mystery, the magic the director and writers have weaved, and a very engaging cast.



What is the Difference Between a Social Worker and a Psychologist?

Seeking the right expert guidance requires an understanding of how they can impact your challenges. Psychologists are based in a clinical setting and treat mental health, while social workers are more holistically focused.